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Working with babies and children

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Feeling achy, stiff and lacking flexibility?

Using my many years of experience and a wide range of techniques, I specialise in helping clients regain flexibility and movement. My approach is to gently ease restrictions to help you move more easily and become more mobile.

Ortho-bionomy helps with structural problems and alignment, by helping release muscular holding patterns, releasing aches and pains.

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Feldenkrais reminds us of easier ways of moving by teaching us to release those areas that have been restricted. It helps us to use our whole body in movement and consequently putting less strain on our joints.

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Craniosacral Therapy keeps our system mobile by releasing restrictions and enhancing vitality.

raewyn craniosacral specialities

Massage helps us relax; reduce stress and unwind by releasing tension.



For further enquires contact Raewyn Morrison on 07931 562 358 or email or see contact page. Raewyn works in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and London.

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